Eliminate Pet Odor and Defy Stain Residue From Cat or Dog Urine

Stain Block Sub Floors Before Laying New CarpetTrying to remove the smell of cat urine or dog urine from inside the house? If the carpet has been so damaged from pet urine that it needs to be replaced, be sure to take this simple step before laying down any new flooring.Replacing Pet-Stained Carpet Without Doing Extra Prep is a Mistake

Many folks rip out the old carpet or linoleum flooring and lay brand new floor coverings only to find the smell removal they thought was complete was, in the end, unsuccessful. Pet urine will go through carpeting, through underlay, in between linoleum seams and become absorbed into the sub floor.

Pet urine odors have a nasty way of staying in the floor boards or sub floor, lingering for what seems <flooring on top of concrete reviews href=”http://beautifulfloor.flavors.me/”>like forever. Simply covering up the cat or dog urine stains with new carpet or linoleum won’t eliminate the odors. It may diminish them but the area will never smell clean.

A Pet Odor Eliminator Found in a Paint Can at the Local Paint Store

Using a stain blocker primer on the sub floor will seal in the pet urine smell, effectively removing it from the ambient air. There are several types and brands on types of floor tile reviews market. Two of the wooden flooring installation reviews popular brands are Masterchem’s Kilz and Zinsser’s B-I-N, 1-2-3 or Bullseye.

These stain blocker primers are available in water-based and solvent based formulas (Zinsser has different brand names for each type). Take care to obtain the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and ask about proper safety precautions with any painting project.

Stain Blocker Primers Have Been on the Market for Many Years

Stain blocker primers are not a new market item and yet many don’t know of their existence. Stain blocking primers are widely used by restoration companies to cover over stains and smells left behind from fires. Contractors use them to seal water stains on stippled or plain ceilings or to base coat over difficult colors such as black or red. Are you looking for in concrete floor heating reviews epoxy garage floor that actually lives up to your expectations? Then you have found the right place, Amazing Garage Floors! http://www.amazing-garage-floors.comThese primers also work remarkably well on permanent marker stains or crayon residue.

It’s important to note that while stain blocker primers are extremely effective, they aren’t intended to be used as general household primers. They are a specialty item and their prices reflect that. Usual methods for application can be by paint brush or roller sleeve or through a paint sprayer. For small spots, there are also filled spray cans available.

Dog Urine Odor Remover or Cat Urine Odor Remover in a Paint Can

Stain blocker primers are suitable on many surfaces. Unfinished basement floors can benefit from the pet odor elimination these products provide. Drywall surfaces can be coated as well as cinder block walls.

If the pet has stained wallpaper, be sure to remove the baseboards and apply a coat of stain blocker primer on the wall and baseboards before repainting or wallpapering again. Vinyl papers can be breached by the ammonia in pet urine and baseboards easily catch urine stains or smells behind them.

So, defy stains and smells remaining from pet accidents by using the best stain blocker primer available at the local paint or hardware store. Exercise caution when painting around children or the elderly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Ask the advice of the store’s paint expert to be certain that eliminating pet odors will be done right the first time.

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